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National Dog Show in Pärnu (Estonia)

16/01 and 17/01/2021
We open new show season wiht nice results!!!
Our dear griffon gruxelloius  boy WHOOP DE WOO JAMES “James” got 2xJCAC and was 2xBOBJ,2xBOB 
Pretty griffon bruxellois girl from same litter WHOOP DE WOO JAQUELINE “Jacky” got 2xJCAC, and was 2xBOSJ, 2xBOS.
Judges: Laurent Heinesche (Luxembourg) and Jussi Liimatainen (Finland)

Christmas greetings from kennel WHOOP DE WOO!!!

Häid jõule & edukat uut aastat!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Весёлого Рождества и Cчастливого Нового года!
Fröhliche Weihnachten! & Ein glückliches neues Jahr!
Hyvää joulua! & Onnellista uutta vuotta!
God Jul & Gott Nytt År!

Puppy news!

“Happiness is puppies smell …”

Kennel WHOOP DE WOO is happy to announce puppies from wonderful parents MULTI CH WHOOP  DE WOO D’AMOCO PAOLA and CIB CICELY CHARLES NEUHAUS are born!

We have two black brabancon girls   WHOOP DE WOO LA DIOSA DEL VITA and WHOOP DE WOO LA REINA DE LA NOCHE.

Date of birth: 28.10.2020

25.10.2020 at IDS “Estonian Winner 2020” in Tallinn

🏆 Petit brabancon WHOOP DE WOO CINNAMON QUEEN “Mona” res.CACIB
🏆 Griffon belge WHOOP DE WOO DON PICCOLO “Piccolo” best of breed, CACIB and new titel Estonian Winner 2020
🏆 Griffon brussels MARQUANT WHOOP TO MATILDA “Matilda” Best of Breed, Best of Breed veteran, Estonian Winner 2020 and Estonian Veteran Winner 2020.

Judge: Helle Viitkar (🇪🇪)

We have puppy!

Kennel Whoop De Woo is annoince that puppy from great parents CH WHOOP DE WOO  ESTELLA DE LA VICTORIA and MULTI CH WHOOP DE WOO DON PICCOLO are born!!!

We have one black griffon belge girl WHOOP DE WOO KHALEESI!!!
Date of birth: 09.08.2020

1mo vs 2 mo

International dog show “Tallinn Winner” in Luige, Estonia vol.2

Proud moment as a breeder, owner and handler …

🏆 Griffon Belge WHOOP DE WOO DON PICCOLO  “Piccolo” won exl.1, Best of Breed, CACIB and … cherry on the top.. ⭐ BEST IN GROUP II ⭐
🏆 Griffon Bruxellois MARQUANT WHOOP TO MATILDA “Matu” was exl. 1, Best of Breed Veteran and Best of Opposite.
Thank you ring judge Juta Haranen from Estonia and group judge Annamaria Tarjan from Hungary.

Whoop De Woo Don Piccolo

Marquant Whoop to Matilda -BOB vet and BOS

Whoop De Woo Don Piccolo-BOB, Wins Sprate Fiery Kiss Of Black Tulip – BOS

International dog show “Tallinn Winner” in Luige, Estonia vol.1


🏆 My griffon Belge Whoop De Woo Don Piccolo  got CACIB, BOB. Also new winner titel Tallinn Winner 2020 and brand new INTERCHAMPION! 😃
🏆 My griffon Bruxellois in veteran class Marquant Whoop To Matilda, after 3 years break  got Vet.CAC, Tallinn Veteran Winner and Tallinn Winner 2020 titels and was BOB Vereran, BOB.
Now she has her first veteran title EST Vet.CH 😃
Judge Anne Klaas from Estonia.
🏆 My young petite brabancone Whoop De Woo Indigo  was BOSJ and got Tallinn Junior Winner 2020 titel.
Judge: Stefan Sinko from Slovenia.

BOB Whoop De Woo Don Piccolo, BOS Wins Sprate Fiery Kiss Of Black Tulip

Here’s our BIG happy griffons family


“Griffons are like potato chips – you can’t have just one”

Oldest of them is 15 years old, and youngest 6 months old.

kennel Whoop De Woo on 05.08.2020

From left to right >> Whoop De Woo Jasmin, Whoop De Woo Indigo, Whoop De Woo D’Amico Paola, Whoop De Woo Cinnamon Queen, Whoop De Woo Cobby Colonel, Whoop De Woo Wendy, Volfrad Ellin’s Golden Catlyn, Whoop De Woo Don Piccolo, Whoop De Woo Bellatrix, Union Grif Unique Victory, Marquant Whoop To Matilda and Whoop De Woo Florencia.